3 Hot Exhibitions in Seoul this March

For your effortless life of culture, we introduce three exhibitions in Yeouido, Gangseo-gu, and Bukchon Village.

Andy Warhol: Beginning Seoul

Hernan Bas: Choose Your Own Adventure

Eom Yu Jeong: FEUILLES


  1. Andy Warhol: Beginning Seoul | Yeouido

Andy warhol exhibition poster

Picture of Andy Warhol

A mammoth Andy Warhol retrospective arrived in Seoul after a long tour across various major Italian cities. The exhibition showcases 153 pieces of Warhol’s rare artworks, including the portraits of Hollywood stars by Warhol such as Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Also, his personal collections, such as the historic album of Velvet Underground & Nico with a single banana, are displayed, giving testament to how Warhol was a pioneering influencer who lived ahead of his time. As Andy Warhol once said, “Everything repeats itself. It’s amazing that everyone thinks that everything is new, but it’s all repeat.” Witness this for yourself by seeing his works, and get surprised repeatedly.

enkor’s tip! With The Hyundai Seoul is slowly becoming the hottest destination in Seoul. Visit today and enjoy a perfect day with crispy fried chicken and cold beer at the nearby Yeouido Hangang Park.

Address ALT 1, The Hyundai Seoul, 108, Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul,

Duration Feb. 25 – Jun. 27

More details at andywarholexhibition.modoo.at


  1. Hernan Bas: Choose Your Own Adventure | 

Hernan Bas exhibition poster

Hernan Bas: Choose Your Own Adventure

Hernan Bas, a world-class collector from Miami, US, is a global artist introduced in the Rubell Family Collection and invited to the Whitney Biennial in New York in his 20s. “Choose Your Own Adventure” is an exhibition until May that presents the major artworks that Hernan Bas produced from 2007 to present, with the title taken from the name of an interactive mystery story that was popular in the US in the 1980s. He took inspiration from the book and filled the canvases with his reinterpretations of the story. Through this exhibition, embark on a journey to fight a sea monster or face the end of the world in a suburban motel somewhere in the US. The exhibition will be on until May.

Address Space K Seoul, 32, Magokjungang 8-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

Duration Feb. 25 – May 27

More details at www.spacek.co.kr


  1. Eom Yu Jeong: FEUILLES | Bukchon

Eom Yu Jeong exhibition poster

Eom Yu Jeong exhibition

How about enjoying a local Korean artist’s exhibition in the heart of South Korea itself? Thriving plants fill the private exhibition of artist Eom Yu Jeong who made his name by publishing “Drawing Morocco” and “My Drawings: Iceland.” As the exhibition title that means both leaf and paper in French suggests, Eom presents 105 pieces of his drawings and paintings of plants worked in the past four years. RM, a member of BTS and a contemporary art lover, even paid a visit, recognizing how fitting the exhibition is at the doorstep of spring.

Address Sosyolum, 32-4, Bukchon-ro 6-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Period Feb. 25 – Mar. 21

More details at Instagram @sosho_club