Guide on the Special Arrival Procedures for Quarantine in Korea

The COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard in the year 2020, and it does not seem to get any better soon until the vaccine is completed. As such, strict quarantine rules were born in every country to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure public health, and South Korea is no exception to that. Here’s what we thought and prepared for you—a complete guide on the Special Arrival Procedures for Quarantine in South Korea!

The Korean government provides a good quarantine service to make you feel comfortable during your quarantine period, but you can have a whole lot better experience with ENKOR’s Quarantine Service.

1. Quarantine Package

A 14-day quarantine is required before you can roam freely around South Korea. Surely, you can choose any other service provider out there, but at ENKOR, we provide the best option you can find out there starting from room options, where you can choose among standard, deluxe/hotel, or entire house / duplex apartment.

Here is the link to see detail about options and Book Quarantine package! :

quarantine room example -Korea

quarantine room example -Korea

From simple yet spacious rooms to deluxe and entire house with great space and beautiful interior! Every room is fully furnished and equipped with basic equipment.

roomkor quarantine review

Next, choose among the meal options according to your dietary requirement or religious belief!

Quarantine meal example
Normal lunch meal
Quarantine meal example
Halal lunch meal

 “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Of course, that also involves eating like a Roman! Daily Korean food is served following a balanced diet and nutritious ingredients to keep our customers healthy as it is hard to exercise during quarantine. Definitely, you would think, “It’s boring to have the same meal every single day! I need more MEAT! I need my PIZZA! I need my FATTY FOOD and SUGAR!” No worries! ENKOR got you covered.

At ENKOR Food Delivery, we provide a food delivery service where our customers can order their preferred meal in English. It is payable using your country’s credit/debit card and other payment methods!

Quarantine Mukbang vedio (Korea delivery food)

Any meal such as pizza, Korean famous fried chicken, cheese tteokbokki set, McDonald’s, or Burger King will be delivered within 90 min! All of these are just one click away!

food delivery- burgerking set
Enkor market
food delivery-chicken set
Enkor market

2. ENKOR Market

Still not good enough for you? That’s glad to hear because we got more! “What if I ran out of necessities during quarantine? OR I forgot to bring my toothbrush?” No worries. ENKOR got those covered as well. Just browse through ENKOR Market, and you can find the products or daily necessities you need during your quarantine.

Every product comes at a reasonable price and is delivered quickly to your quarantine address. ENKOR Market is also usable even if you can’t read Korean or even if you’re not in quarantine but just need to shop freely and easily.

We offer a wide range of products such as ramyun and instant rice, household supplies, snacks, coffee, and tea, as well as cosmetics products! Most of these are delivered for free even if you order only one item!


Aside from better rooms and an online market to shop for your convenience, we also offer prepaid USIM, an important item for communication, so you can stay connected even in a foreign country.

enkor usim plan

The USIM card will be delivered to you within three days after your arrival, and you can activate it right away via our website. There are several options available that cater to every individual’s preference. Browse through our USIM Page  for more info!

4. ENKOR Taxi Service

Although we could not provide transport service at the airport, there are many transportations available, all disinfected and available 24 hr regardless of your arrival time! The airport staff will guide you through the transportation options and prices, so just follow their lead and you will arrive at your quarantine location safe and sound. We strongly recommend you to use a taxi service as it is the cheapest, most direct transportation you can choose. Most importantly, don’t forget to go to the health center directly for your PCR test if you haven’t received any at the airport!

quarantine international taxi - Korea

We offer the cheapest transportation, International Taxi, which you can use to go to the health center for your PCR test during your quarantine. The taxi drivers are foreigner-friendly, and you can even exchange jokes with them in English! They will take you to the health center for your test and wait for you until it’s done to bring you back to your quarantine house. The price starts at KRW 10,000 ( USD 9) for 30 min, and it increases by KRW 10,000 for every extra 30 min. However, you must make a reservation one or two days before!