How to Use the Kakao Taxi App in Korea


kakao taxi app on the phone

Kakao Taxi is an application used late at night or to call a taxi in a hurry in a place where it is not easy to catch a taxi. It is also an application that most Koreans use. When you get in a taxi, you can send information about the taxi and driver to your family or friends, so you can use it more safely.

Step 1

Download the Kakao T application.

kakao taxi logo

Step 2

Open the app, and choose the Blue Taxi.

kakao taxi main


Step 3

Enter your location and the address you wish to go to.

kakao taxi app

Step 4

Upon entering your location and destination, you will see a list of vehicles available in the area. Scroll down, and look for the “General Request” option.

Step 5

You will then see the “Select Payment Method” button. After clicking it, a small window with available payment options will pop up.

Step 6

Upon clicking the button, the application will ask you to register a card. However, this option does not apply to those without a Korean bank account (Korean bank card), but fear not. Swipe right for the second option, “Pay to the driver,” and click “Apply.”


Step 7

This should appear on the end screen. Click on “Request” to call for a taxi! After a successful call, you will see a page with a car plate written on top of the screen. Just wait at your current location, and get in the car when it arrives!

You also have to pay the driver upon arriving at your destination using cash or a credit card.