Introduce to Media Art Exhibition teamLab: LIFE, DDP, Dongdaemun-gu

Introducing a media art exhibition perfect for lovers and friends to visit! Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is one of the representative tourist attractions and cultural spaces renowned among travelers visiting South Korea.

picture of DDP

picture of DDP

DDP has now partnered with TeamLab, an international art group that consists of artists, programmers, engineers, and CGI animators set out to present trendy media artworks. The exhibition by teamLab and DDP was initially scheduled to run only until early April, but thanks to popular demand, it will be kept open until August.

Korean media art exhibition

Search #ddp to see the many photos taken at teamLab’s exhibition and check out how it looks!

Artworks in 8 individual spaces

TeamLab is an art collective group that consists of various experts, including artists, programmers, engineers, CGI animators, mathematicians, architects, etc. Their new exhibition “TeamLab: LIFE” will be opened in DDP, Seoul.

Korean media art exhibition

According to TeamLab’s Website: Using the resources of DDP, the cultural space, this exhibition focuses on creating the beauty of continual life with immersive artworks. The artworks invite visitors to participate and break out the conventional framework of exhibitions, thereby allowing them to realize their creativity and immerse themselves in the artworks. The exhibition presenting TeamLab’s innovative science-meets-art exhibition will be open from September 18, 2020, to March 28, 2021(It has extended to August). It will offer a place of experience and interaction with maximum immersion into space and artworks. For more information, please visit the Instagram page below.

One of the characteristics of teamLab: LIFE is that it invites visitors to interact with the artworks. You can feel how some artworks move through the tactile nature of the exhibition. Try out the trendy exhibition that invites visitors to participate by breaking down the traditional framework of one-dimensional exhibitions.

The venue is quite dark, so visitors can take photos of the artworks rather than themselves.

The charm of media artworks is that you can see how they change in real time in one place. At teamLab’s exhibition, flowers and plants grow, and seasons change. Many reviews say that the exhibition provided a much-needed breath of fresh air from COVID-19 blues.

You can feel the mysterious and fantastical atmosphere of the exhibition in person rather than through images. If you’d like to take only the most captivating photos, we can’t recommend this exhibition enough!

For your information:

* Pre-purchase tickets through Naver for quick entry.

* Visiting during the weekdays, rather than the weekends, is highly recommended.

* DDP is a cultural space where visitors can enjoy other exhibitions and spaces aside from teamLab’s exhibition.