McDonald’s Korea to bring back McLunch, increasing the prices

Today, we have news about McDonald’s in Korea for many McDonald’s lovers. The beginning of March this year will see McDonald’s relaunch McLunch though such items as ‘행복의 나라’ and ‘McAllDAY’ will be removed from the menu. Some fans welcomes the news, while others are against it. (행복의 나라 is name of McDonald’s discount event in Korea)

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McDonald’s is relaunching its McLunch set in there years(starting in March, 2021). McLunch is a customer benefit package that offers McDonald’s popular burger set menus at 14% off the regular prices from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. From Big Mac to Mac Spicy Sanghai burger, 1955 burger, Bacon Tomato Deluxe, Mac Chicken Mozzarella, Supreme Shrimp burger, and Quarter Pounc Cheese, the set menu consists of 7 types of burgers representing McDonald’s.

Mclunch is back in Korea!

MacDonald’s was dedicated to offering low price foods for consumers with discount events such as 행복의 나라 or McAllDay. However, a recent string of rises in prices such as chicken, pork, eggs, totatoes, and onions along with minimum wages forced them to raise the prices in reponse to increasing labor costs.

Big Mac and Mac Spicy Shanghai burgers will increase by 100 won from the current 4,500 to 4,600 won. Bulgogi burger is rising to 2,200 won, a 200-won increase for the first time in 8 years. For soda drinks, as much as 100 won and coffee rises by 100 to 300 depending on the size and type. While McLunch is about to return, 행복의 나라 and McAll Day will no longer be served.  

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The restaurant industry was already expected to raise prices. Recently, hamburger and bread franchise brands have also increased prices one after another. Prior to McDonald’s, Lotteria increased the price of 25 products such as burgers and desserts by 100 to 200 won at the beginning of this month. The bakery franchise Paris Baguette also raised the consumer price of 95 items out of 660 products by an average of 5.6%, and Tous Les Jours also increased 90 items by an average of about 9%. MacDonald’s has annouced their plan for a new discount event in addition to McLunch, although 행복의나라 and McAll Day will end. A MacDonald’s official said, “We hope you enjoy the MacLunch menu items suitable for your taste at a reasonable price. We are planning to run various discount platforms to minimize burden on consumers.”


There have been continuous requests from consumers for return of McLunch. While many customers welcome back McLunch, others are complaining about the price increase that will take effect on the same day. Some even say that Mclunch has actually risen MacDonald’s menu prices as a whole, beyond the withdrawal of bulgogi burgers, hamburgers, and coffee, the menu items of 행복의나라.

Others say if McDonald’s serves only McLunch without the existing items, the number of discount products will be reduced to seven, as well as the lack of time for McLunch, leading consumers to feeling as though the price increase were greater.


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