Everything you need to know about self-quarantine in Korea

All the essential information required for self-quarantine. All chaotic and confusing procedures laid out for you simple. What to prepare, an overview of the modified entry procedure, your transportation options at the airport, how to get tested, and many more.

If you plan to come to Korea from abroad, you have to go through the special entry procedure and do self-quarantine stay for 14 nights; as the government has set a very strict rule on it. If you don’t want to be kicked out at the entrance of Incheon airport, please do not turn off the video and keep watching. Hello everyone! This is Tek from Enkor – Enjoy Korea. The second semester is already coming and many foreign students are entering Korea for their study. However, as you know the Covid situation is still going on all over the world. So, if you come to Korea you have to follow strict regulations on quarantine for the first two weeks of your stay.

This video is going to give you all the key information you need, in order to conduct a safe self-quarantine as an international student; starting from Incheon airport to your very own self quarantined home. Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, the Korean government and KCDC AKA Korea Central Disease Control have set up a response system which will require you to go through a special entry procedure upon your arrival in Korea from abroad. This will involve a self-quarantine of 14 days, the installation of the self-quarantined safety protection app, and Covid-19 screenings. It should be noted that those staying on a short-term visa will conduct their quarantine at a government-designated facility; whereas those on a long-term visa, for example, those on D, E, F category will find their own designated self-quarantine facility. So what’s the procedure exactly? Well, upon your arrival at Incheon International airport, You’ll be subjected to a temperature check. Afterwards, you should answer some self-health checking questions, to ensure you haven’t been showing any of the following symptoms, as well as filling out the health questionnaire and special quarantine declaration in accordance with a special entry procedure.

Make sure you know all of the important personal details, and those regarding your stay in Korea such as your passport number, quarantine address, the address that you’re going to stay in after your quarantine and your flight number. In order to make this whole process a bit smoother and quicker, try to make sure you have all of these points covered.

Number 1. Do you have a phone number in Korea? As government officials will need to check whether it’s valid so they can contact you during your quarantine period. If not, there are some useful services available for you to purchase in the airport when you first arrive or our partner RoomKor, also offers another use that you can purchase after your quarantine for a more long-term option. Number 2. Did you install the self-quarantine app? This is vital and must be installed before you can leave the airport. You can find some instructions on how to use the app here. Number 3. Do you know the address of your self-quarantined accommodation as well as how to get there? This is another thing that government officials will have to check. And finally, number 4. Did you complete all of the required forms?

We recommend getting these done as soon as you can to make the whole process easier for yourself. If upon your arrival, you’re exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms, you’ll be tested at the airport and will be held there until your results are ready. If you’re tested positive, you’ll be immediately transported to a medical facility, so the Korean government can take care of you. However, if your tests are negative, then you’ll be returned to the airport and can then proceed with the same process as those not displaying Covid-19 symptoms. For those who do not show any symptoms of Covid-19, your quarantine experience will depend on whether you have a short-term visa or a long-term visa. Those on a short-term visa will be tested at the airport and then sent to a government-operated self-quarantine facility. This is a little bit different for long-term visa holders though. After going through immigration at the airport, long-term visa holders will be moved to a local hospital facility or screening station depending on your quarantine accommodations location if it’s open. Here you will be tested for Covid-19 and then you can move on to your self-quarantine accommodation. But if the screening station is not open, you’ll have to go directly to your self-quarantine accommodation without coming into contact with anyone. Staying there until the screening station is open and in the case of you going to the screening station, you should tell the official in charge that you’re going to do so. Per KCDC guidelines, you are not allowed to use public transportation in Seoul. Given these circumstances, there are four different ways of traveling to your quarantine housing or nearest Covid-19 screening station. Firstly is by taxi that’s been provided by the city government. Note this is only available for those in Seoul.

There are currently more than 200 of these taxis and the fees are determined by the six different areas within Seoul. You’ll also be able to recognize these special taxis due to their special certification symbol. Another option is by airport limousine bus. Which will take you to your designated screening station. For those in Seoul, it’s relatively easier to follow the area guidelines. And those in Gyeonggi Province or other metropolitan areas may differ depending on the region. So you can ask official guides to help you if you get confused or you can’t find where you need to go. Thirdly is by getting a ride from someone you know in Korea who can take you to the screening station or to your self-quarantine place. Be sure to let the officials know that someone’s coming to collect you. and finally, for regions not in the metropolitan area, there’s a shuttle bus from Incheon Airport to Gwangmyeong KTX Station. In which from there, you can move to other regions in Korea in a separate KTX train exclusively for foreigners. Also when you go to the Covid-19 screening stations, you’ll receive some useful items such as hand sanitizer, medical trash plastic bags and other things after being tested. And after your testing is complete, you should call one of the special taxis mentioned before or walk to your quarantine accommodation. In addition to this, sometimes after visiting the screening center depending on your area or how busy they are, they can also take you to your quarantine accommodation. You should also ensure that you’ve had a Covid-19 check at least three days before your arrival in Korea too. This will make the whole checking process easier for you. Now that you’ve passed the screening checks for Covid-19, what are you meant to do when it comes to self-quarantine? First of all, you need to find a place to fulfill your mandatory self-quarantine. Our partner RoomKor has lots of options you can browse prior to you coming to Korea. It’s vital you have a place to quarantine in as if you do not have one, you will not be allowed entry into Korea. There are also some rules and guidelines you must abide by during your self-quarantine and they are as followed.


Number 1, do not leave the quarantine area at all! During the 14-day mandatory isolation period, you are not allowed to leave the house at all. Except in the event of visiting a health center to conduct a Covid-19 test. In which case before doing so, you have to contact both the local health centre and the officer in charge first. If you’re caught violating quarantine rules, you could be imprisoned for up to a year, forced to leave the country or you could receive a fine of up to 10 Million KRW.

Number 2, during your stay keep your door shut, but frequently open windows in order to ventilate the area.

Number 3, personal items should be used separately. For example, no sharing towels, tableware, foams etc, as well as washing clothes separately too. You should also be eating alone.

Number 4, keep up with the health guidelines. Such as washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, wearing a mask when coughing or on the occasion that you don’t have a mask, cough into your sleeve whilst covering your nose and mouth and using hand sanitizer afterwards.

Number 5, do not dispose of trash outside during the quarantine period. The government will provide you with one big trash bag, for you to use during the whole of your duration of the stay in quarantine, which you’ll be able to dispose of after the 14 days are up.

Number 6, when ordering a delivery service, you must not come into contact directly with the deliveryman. As such you should choose the option for ‘Leave at the door’ or put in this request in the additional comments section in order to reduce any risk of coming into contact with others, you should use the prepaid method and you must wait for the delivery man to leave before collecting your order.

Number 7, You should be using the self-quarantined safety protection application twice a day, every morning and evening, in order to keep track of your temperature or symptoms and to disclose your location to the health center. It’s important that you check your temperature diligently and that you’re constantly self-monitoring your own health conditions for symptoms.

Number 8, if you have any of the following symptoms during your self-parenting period, you should contact the public health center immediately in order to receive treatment and prevent the spread of the virus. We hope that you found this video to be helpful and informative, if so, give us a like and subscribe! Also after the quarantine period is over or hopefully, when the Covid-19 situation gets a little bit better, ENKOR actually offers some activities that foreigners can experience during their stay in Korea. So keep up to date with us on that. Also let us know in the comments if you have any questions and on behalf of everyone at ENKOR, Youtube and our partner RoomKor, we wish you safe travel and a safe stay here in Korea! Thanks for watching!


Check how to install the quarantine app : http://overseas.mofa.go.kr/ca-toronto-en/index.do
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Check the quarantine guide line : https://www.roomnkorea.com/special-entry-procedure/ I hope you to have a safe trip.