Special Entry Procedure for Incoming Foreigners Entering Korea!

Safe Self-Quarantine Guide for International Students: Incheon Airport to your self-quarantine home

Currently, the Korean government and KCDC (Korea Central Disease Control) are operating a response system to COVID-19. Because of that, you must go through a Special Entry Procedure if you are coming from abroad.

스크린샷이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

The process from Special entry procedure to your self-quarantine place

Welcome to Korea!

You have arrived at Incheon International Airport (IIAC) 😊

Starting off, you will be subjected to a temperature check.

Afterward, you will answer self-health checking questions, fill out the Health Questionnaire and Special Quarantine Declaration in accordance with the Special Entry Procedure.

(Remember to have your passport number, quarantine address, flight number, etc.)

※ Check for these symptoms: fever (37.5 or higher), fatigue, cough, sore throat, respiratory difficulties, or breathlessness

Review the checklist below for a quick process through Korean Special Entry


  1. Do you have a phone number in Korea? (Government officials will check if your number is valid and contactable in Korea.) After using this service, you can use Enkor’s longer USIM service starting from $50 with unlimited phone calls, unlimited data(nearly 4G). Please visit  HERE for more information.
  2. Did you install the self-quarantine app? (If not, you must install it before you get out of the airport.) http://overseas.mofa.go.kr/viewer/skin/doc.html?fn=2020040207000312&rs=/viewer/result/202007 (self-quarantine app install instructions)
  3. Do you know how to get to your self-quarantine place and its address? (This will be checked by Government   officials)
  4. Did you complete all the required forms?


Symptomatic to COVID-19 

If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, you will be tested for COVID-19 at the airport and will be held until your results are available.

If you are tested positive, you will be immediately transported to a medical facility so that the Korean government can take care of your disease.

If you are tested negative, then you will be returned to the airport and proceed with the same process asymptomatic peoples go through.


Asymptomatic to COVID-19 

Your quarantine experience depends on whether you have a short-term visa or a long-term visa:


Short-term visa foreigners

If you have a short-term visa, you will be tested for COVID-19 at the airport and sent to a government-operated self-quarantine facility.


Long-term visa foreigners 

If you are an international student, this category applies to you. After going through immigration at the airport, you will be moved to a local hospital facility directly if it is open (depending on your address after quarantine period) where you will be tested for COVID-19 and move on to your self-quarantine housing.

However, if COVID-19 screening station that is located near your address after self-quarantine period, you have to directly go to your self-quarantine place.

※ Without contacting anybody, not going anywhere else!!

Example of COVID-19 screening stations

Per KCDC guidelines, you are not allowed to use public transportation in Seoul. Given these circumstances, there are 4 possible ways to arrive at your quarantine housing or COVID-19 screening station.

  1. By taxi provided by the city government (only Seoul)

There are currently more than 200 special taxis operated by Seoul local government to safely guide you to your quarantine housing or COVID-19 screening stations. Fees will be determined by where your housing is after quarantine and COVID-19 screening station is located. COVID-19 screening stations are listed below.

CAT. From Incheon Int. Airport to Seoul Medium-sized Taxi Large-sized Taxi
Area A Gangseo 65,000won 95,000won
Area B Yangcheon, Guro, Yeongdeungpo, Mapo, Eunpyeong, Seodaemun 70,000won 100,000won
Area C Geumcheon, Gwanak, Dongjak, Yongsan, Joonggu, Jong-ro 80,000won 110,000won
Area D Seocho, Gangnam, Seongdong, Dongdaemoon, Seongbuk, Gangbuk 85,000won 120,000won
Area E Songpa, Gangdong, Gwangjin, Joongrang, Nowon, Dobong 90,000won 130,000won

Symbol for Special Taxis

  1. By airport limousine bus 

There will be an airport limousine bus that will take you to COVID-19 screening stations to parts of the Areas.

For Seoul…

Area 0 Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 Area 5 Area 6 Area 7
Jong-ro, Joong-gu, Yongsan Dobong, Gangbuk, Seongbuk, Nowon Dongdaemoon, Joongrang, Seongdong, Gwangjin Gangdong, Songpa Seocho, Gangnam Dongjak, Gwan-ak, Geumcheon Gangseo, Yangcheon, Yeongdeungpo, Guro Eunpyeong, Mapo, Seodaemoon

For Gyeong-gi-do and other Metropolitan areas (It will be shown at the airport different by each regions, ask official guides if you can’t find it!)

전화이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

Example of limousine bus route map to An-yang

  1. By requesting a ride from someone you know in Korea

If you have friends or someone you know in Korea and they have a car, they can drive you to a COVID-19 screening station or your self-quarantine place. (Don’t forget to tell officials that your friend will come and get you!)

  1. For Regions except for Metropolitan Area

There will be a shuttle bus from Incheon Airport to Kwangmyeong KTX station. From there, you can move to other regions in Korea in a separate KTX train car for foreigners.


KTX Train

When you arrive at selected COVID-19 screening stations, you will be checked for COVID-19 and you will receive some useful items like hand sanitizer, medical-trash plastic bags, etc. After COVID-19 test, officials there will provide transportation to your self-quarantine housing by request! If it is nearby, you can walk there. Or you can call Special Taxis for your transportation!

» Most importantly, don’t forget to get COVID-19 check until 1 day of your arrival!!

사람들, 남자, 음식, 여자이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명
도로, 트럭, 자동차, 남자이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

Examples of COVID-19 Screening Stations


Self-Quarantine Guidelines

1. Do not leave the quarantine area at all! – Self-Isolation personnel has to stay in the house for 14days straight without leaving the house at all! Except in the event of visiting the Health Centre to conduct COVID Tests. – Violators will be subject to imprisonment for not exceeding one year OR Forced departure from the country OR fine up to KRW 10 Million.

2. Stay alone in an isolated area! – Keep door closed but open window frequently to ventilate! – Eat by yourself!

3. Leaving the house to Health Centre must contact the local health center (officer in charge) first!

4. Use personal items separately! (towel, tableware, mobile phones etc) – Wash clothes separately! – Separate Tableware!

5. Follow the health guidelines! – Wash your hands frequently! – Use hand sanitizer – Wear a mask when coughing; if don’t have a mask, cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve! And use hand sanitizer after coughing or sneezing again!

6. Do not dispose the trash outside during the quarantine period! – keep all the trash in one big trash bag provided by the Government for the entire 2 weeks time. And dispose of it when your quarantine period is ended!

7. If you’re ordering a delivery service online, you can not directly receive the package or come in contact with the Delivery man! – Must use the prepaid method – Must choose ‘Leave it at the door’ method or by inputting additional comment to request leaving the package at the door – Receive the package only when the delivery man has left!

8. Use the ‘Self-Quarantine Safety Protection Application’ Twice a day – to keep track of your temperature and disclose your location to the Health Center (Person in charge) – Check your temperature diligently! Twice a day!

Major Symptoms of COVID-19 – Fever (over 37.5) – Malaise – Sore throat – Respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty in breathing, etc.) – Peumonia Self-Monitoring – Monitor your health conditions for symptoms – Take temperature every Morning and Evening – Inform the public health center right away if you found out that you have similar symptoms!