RoomnKorea Booking Terms and Conditions

The booking terms and conditions outlined on this page are standard and may apply when booking direct with RoomnKorea. Alternative conditions may apply based on specific travel dates and special rates or packages. At the time of booking, you will be required to read, understand and accept the terms and conditions specific to your reservation before it is confirmed and prior to payment. For terms and conditions for existing bookings, please refer to the most up to date copy of your confirmation email. For more information, please email


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation will be accepted up through e-mail. Cancellation penalty will be decided depending on days left within check-in. However, cancellation and amendments within 24 hours from reservation will be fully refunded (under the condition that you have 2 weeks remaining to arrival)


In case the booking amount is paid using credit card, the refund will be processed on the credit card.


General Check-in / Check-out Policy is as per below:

No smoking.

No leaving the room.

No guests.

No loud noises for other guests.

Maintain clean usage of shared places (bathroom, living room, etc.) for guests who will use it next time.