Three intriguing Korean movies on Netflix

For those who are used to staying home since Covid 19, I’d like to recommend three Korean movies you can watch on Netflix. They are full of Korea’s own unique charm, so why don’t you order some chicken/pizza tonight for your little Korea before bed?

If your phone doesn’t have Netflix or you are in the mood for going out, how about ‘DVD place’? Though Korean DVD places mostly located in downtown have progressively lost popularity, you can still enjoy any movie in a small rented room just for 15,000 to 20,000 won. You can create a unique experience with this DVD place exclusively in Korea, so give it a try unless you can’t stand cigarette smell. (*Many DVD places smell nasty because of the lingering cigarette odor)

Honest Candidate (2019) 

Architecture 101 (2012)

My PS Partner (2012)

1. Honest Candidate (2019)

honest candidate poster

Synopsis: A third-term lawmaker, Joo Sangsook is also a big liar. One day, she gets into unexpected trouble like a bolt from the blue. That is, she becomes incapable of lying and speaks nothing but the truth! She can not lie however hard she tries and that puts her in a very awkward position since it’s a punishment for her who’s been lying whole life. Having lost her best weapon, lie, Sangsook now sees her career built on lies starting to shackle into pieces. Does it do her good or harm? I’m sure this hilarious comedy will keep you in stitches.

korean movie - honest candidate korean movie - honest candidate

People are forced to lie in life, while it often stresses us out. The movie, Honest Candidate features lawmaker Joo Sangsook, who speaks out on sensitive issues most of us avoid discussing, relieving stress for all of us. It also comes with political satire so for those who like a politically conscious moive, I recommend this comedy.


2. Architecture 101 (2012)

architecture 101 poster

synopsis: Seungmin, a shy 20 year old majoring in architecture, falls in love with Seoyeong, a music student in the ‘Introduction to Architecture’ course. During the joint assignment, they increasingly open their minds, becoming frineds. Yet Seungmin is still not good at expressing how he feels and does not take any action when small misunderstanding arises and weakens their relationship. He just sees her leave, holding back his feelings.  

scene of architecture 101

Time flies and 15 years later, Seungmin saw Seoyeong again. Now, a 35-year-old architect, Seoungmin feels puzzled at Seoyeong, who makes an unexpected appearance divorced. Seoyeong asks him to design a house for her. Having decided to accept her request, he starts to build the first house that is more like a piece of artwork with his own name. The construction project brought back memories for both and they start to have feelings towards each other. Where does this story go next?

This film is known to arouse sympathy in Koreans who went to college in the 80s. This box office hit also capapulted ‘Suzi,’ the main character, into stardom. For those who want to see the first love they live with and the romance that evokes nostalgia for the college days when everything was clumsy and pure, I highly recommend Architecture 101.


3. My PS Partner (2012)

my ps partner on netflix

Synopsis: Hyungseung is an unsuccessful musician. Continued failure and career frustration also causes trouble with his girl friend Soyeong, leading to a break up. One day, having heard the news that his ex Soyeong is already seeing another man, Hyungseong gets mad. On his way home drunk, he gets a phone call from unknown. The person who makes the call is ‘Yoonjeong’ who mistakes the number for her boyfriend’s. While she was supposed to call her boyfriend for a phone sex, Hyungseung gets it, and the two become PS partners.

This film gained popularity by depicting a realistic relationship with a somewhat new material ‘phone sex.’ Anyone who’s been in a relationship can relate to them in this movie.

My PS partner has been also attracting large audiences as a play at Daehak-ro. If you enjoy the movie, it would be also nice to watch the play with your girl or boy friend at the Daehakro theater sooner or later. It’s okay to know just a little Korean. Watching the movie first will give you better understanding of the play.