6 Korean Manhwas for killing time

Countless new comic books or manga series are released everyday across the world. Comics have been getting more and more popularity around the globe since anyone has access over these entertaining contents easily as online manga services are spread all over the Internet. Popular manga are even translated into different kinds of language before sold in various countries and regions. This applies to Korean Manhwa as well.

Noblesse – Noble vampire waking up 800 years later in modern world

Dice : Cube that changes everything – Rolling a dice changes everything

Hardcore Leveling Warrior – Top 1 Strongest Player restart from zero, fighting to become the strongest again

Solo Leveling – From the lowest E rank hunter to the strongest S rank hunter

Tower of God – Following the girl who was once his everything into a tower of trials and gods without knowing what kind of destiny will unfolds for him

The God of High School – From a high school student not knowing anything to becoming the strongest who would save mankind


1. Noblesse (2007 – 2019)

We are sure you have come across a Japanese term called Waifu, and if you know the meaning, just flip the gender and you’ll learn a new Japanese term called Husbando! Would you fancy some hot vampire guy manhwa with interesting yet heart-warming storyline? This manhwa is one of the best manhwa you will come across and worth reading.

Noblesse Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, a noble, who woke up in modern Seoul from his slumber after 820 years. And the story of him as a student at the private Yeran High School, where his loyal servant Frankenstein is the chairman of the board. Adjusting to the world and fighting with the Union, a mysterious organization.


2. Dice : Cube that changes everything (2013 – present)

What will you do if you holds the power to change anything you want just by rolling a dice? Face and appearance? Strength? Luck? Be invisible? Or ability to fly? This manhwa is everything just we mentioned!

Be it appearance, social life, or grades, anything you can think of, Dongtae, the main protagonist is at the bottom of everything. Never got the luck or appearance or chances to be one that stands out. However, when a  popular transfer student named Taebin gives him a chance to change it, Dongtae took it and go down a path that would make things right. The world of DICE, where a single roll of it can change your life and fate.


3. Hardcore Leveling Warrior (2016 – present)

If you’re an anime lover, you will definitely know the Sword Art Online series. This is similar but not death game. A full dive virtual MMORPG game. A vast virtual world where possibilities are endless and adventurous.

Where the main character Ethan, known as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, is the Number 1 player of the world’s biggest game, Lucid Adventure. But a mysterious player killed and forced his character back to level 1. He must do anything to get back to the top. New friends and old foes, to mysterious forces and his own dark past, he does everything to take back what was once his.

Join in to read the manga and find out how the virtual world slowly becoming a threat to the real world!

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4. Solo Leveling (2018 – present)

This is undoubtedly one of the best manhwa, all things considered from immersing storyline to fantastic drawing skills and styles, to coloring, it has all the good traits of what a good manhwa/manga should be. The series has gotten so many fans absorbed in it and it was praised greatly for its fantastic settings and great actions.

It centers around a E-rank Hunter discovers a dungeon that only he has access to and leveling up inside where his goal, is to become the strongest hunter, S Rank in the world.



5. Tower of God (2010 – present)

Now one of a Crunchyroll Originals anime, this gem is one of the longest running manhwa with huge amount of readers. Now is the time to read it if you haven’t or if one doesn’t remember, re-read. Why? This one has quite the story to tell.

The boy who chased the girl who was once his everything into the “Tower” where huge tests and twisted destiny awaits him. A good piece where you feel the growth together with the main character.

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6. The God of High School (2014 – present)

A contest to pick the strongest high school student from all over the country and the world. Mori Jin , the main protagonist is a high school student from Seoul, South Korea and a Taekwondo specialist. He somehow got to enter “The God of High School – GOH”, a fighting tournament that will grants the winner a wish. What began as a competition to seek the best high school fighter later reveals to be part of much greater plot.

It has a great progressing storyline and touching moments, drawing style and skills are fantastic too. Definitely a must-read manhwa.

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